in practice

E-mobility in practice

The largest session of training for local government units above 50,000 residents

“E-mobility in practice” is a comprehensive training program, combining theoretical knowledge with practice, in which we familiarize participants with the main challenges related to electric vehicles, technology, infrastructure, law and regulations, as well as safety, environmental protection and social issues.

Project assumptions

The Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels of 22 February 2018 regulates the functioning of the alternative fuels market, imposing numerous obligations on local government units.

Purpose of the training

Familiarizing representatives of local governments and their subsidiaries with the consequences of the new regulations, but above all presenting real solutions in the field of infrastructure planning and development of zero-emission fleets.

The “E-mobility in practice” session of training is a response to the challenges faced by local administration. It gives the opportunity to obtain real support in the implementation of e-mobility, and also offers access to information, data, statistics, opinions and market analyses.

training programs


organized training sessions as part of the 1st edition

1 121

trained officials and representatives of municipal enterprises

33 500 km

driven by electric cars during the project

5 700 kWh

electricity used to power vehicles


hours of expert lectures

2 000

focused reports regarding e-mobility provided to participants