A cyclical analysis of the e-mobility market in Poland. A leading publication and data source for the industry. The study presents the condition of the domestic e-mobility market and variant scenarios for its development. Access to the Report is paid

Największy projekt badawczy komercyjnego wykorzystania pojazdów elektrycznych w Polsce i regionie CEE
PSPA przeanalizowało treść projektu ustawy o zmianie Ustawy o elektromobilności i paliwach alternatywnych oraz niektórych innych ustaw, który w lutym 2021 r. opublikowano na stronach Rządowego Centrum Legislacji. W dziesięciu punktach prezentujemy kluczowe, w naszej opinii, rozwiazania oraz przewidujemy ich wpływ na rozwój elektromobilności w Polsce.
A handbook for local government units and public utility enterprises. A compendium of knowledge in the field of electrification of public transport
The report systematizes knowledge about the assumptions of the Vehicle-to-Grid concept and confronts it with current solutions. It indicates the benefits that can be brought by the use of electric vehicles as distributed energy storages
The report was based on a survey conducted among PSPA members and other companies interested in the development of e-mobility. The aim was to get to know the opinions of potential beneficiaries on the forms of support as part of the Low-Emission Transport Fund
Comparison of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of Volkswagen e-Crafter and its conventional counterpart. The study report shows how many years after the purchase it becomes profitable to operate an electric van
Comparison of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an electric van (Mercedes-Benz eVito) and its conventional counterpart. As part of the examination, the vehicles were operated in three different locations, under actual in-use conditions
Analysis of the conditions for introducing electric buses to service Polish and foreign cities Presentation of ten best practices in the electrification of public transport in Europe
The publication describes the Polish potential and plans for the development of e-mobility. Information on law, incentives and financial instruments supporting the development of e-mobility in Poland. It presents the production potential in the field of Polish specialization – electric buses
A comprehensive publication on e-mobility in the form of infographics. From basic information, through technology, operation and safety, to ecological aspects and frequently asked questions – the publication covers a wide range of topics related to e-mobility
Ready-made proposals for graphic solutions, including vertical and horizontal signs, for e-mobility in Poland. A starting point for discussion on the creation of an appropriate information system as part of the amendment to regulations
A detailed analysis of the legal regulations in force in Poland. Legal and technical aspects of the implementation of e-mobility and alternative fuels
Accessible explanation of the procedure for acceptance of electric vehicle charging stations. The publication is addressed both to operators of generally accessible charging stations or entities operating stations other than public stations, as well as potential investors and entities building and maintaining charging points for buses. The aim of the compilation is to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of EV infrastructure in Poland
Detailed SCT analysis – from legal opinion and clarification of legislation, through the study of low-emission zones operating in Europe. The results of social research on the attitudes of Polish people towards the zones, carried out among the inhabitants of the largest agglomerations
A practical guide on the principles of installing a private charging station in multi-family residential buildings dedicated to residents of tenants’ associations and cooperatives. The guide covers issues related to the preparation, foundation and operation of a private electric vehicle charging point. The compilation was created as part of the “E-mobility White Paper” project initiated by PSPA.
A practical guide on the principles of installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in multi-family residential buildings, dedicated to managers of tenants’ associations and cooperatives. The guide includes a simplified diagram of the installation of a private charger, upcoming legislative changes and the prevailing legal status. The compilation was created as part of the “E-mobility White Paper” project initiated by PSPA
Presentation of BEVs and PHEVs available for permanent sale in Poland, as well as a list of announced premieres. The catalogue includes, among others, prices and detailed parameters of vehicles
Results of a social survey conducted on a sample of 1,213 Poles, concerning preferences related to the purchase of EVs, charging infrastructure and new mobility. The study was deepened by individual interviews with EV users, and the results obtained in Poland were compared with global trends
White Paper Centrum Badań i Analiz PSPA, w którym podsumowano przypadki pożarów pojazdów elektrycznych na świecie. Opracowanie dowodzi, że zapłony EV są bardzo rzadkie i zazwyczaj dochodzi do nich wskutek wystąpienia kilku czynników ryzyka jednocześnie.

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