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The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA)

is the largest industry organization dealing with the creation of the e-mobility market and alternative fuels market in Poland.

PSPA integrates Polish and foreign companies from many sectors, including: automotive, infrastructure, financial, transport, municipal, energy, consulting, legal, and retail, which work together towards shaping favorable business environment, allowing for the development of low-emission transport in Poland.

The organization helps start-ups by engaging in acceleration projects, simultaneously working closely with leading academic centers (University of Warsaw, Silesian University of Technology, UMCS). PSPA is a partner of many local governments which are active in the area of sustainable transport (Lublin, Rzeszów and Wrocław).

The organization co-creates an initiative for the development of e-mobility in Poland at the Ministry of Energy the objective of which is the creation legal and organizational solutions best-suited for the market and it is also a member of the largest industry organization in Europe related with the e-mobility industry – The European Association for E-mobility (AVERE).

PSPA monitors the EV market in Poland and Europe, as well as legislative changes both at European and national level, providing information, analyses and statistics, crucial for business development. For this purpose, PSPA has created ORPA.PL Alternative Fuel Market Observatory, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy. The Organization also campaigns for better legal solutions by actively participating in public consultations and offering opinions on draft acts of law.

With a team of experts, practitioners and consultants offering specialized sector experience and expertise earned in the industry, PSPA publishes numerous reports and substantive studies. It also runs its own opinion polls and social projects (online register of alternative fuels infrastructure or online catalogue of electric vehicles available in Poland) in its attempt to spread knowledge, increase public awareness in the field of low-emission transport and convince Polish people of the advantages of e-mobility.

PSPA is a content partner or co-organizer of the most important industry events in Poland (including Poznań Motor Show, EkoFlota International Fair, Warsaw Motor Show). It also organizes its own events, including elite expert seminars during which binding industry recommendations for the emerging e-mobility market are developed.

PSPA is also the most mediagenic organization in the industry (in the second half of 2017, the slogan “e-mobility” appeared in the media over 14,000 times – in every fourth publication, PSPA or Observatory was quoted).


We drive e-mobility


Alternative fuels in public transport

  • A compendium of knowledge about e-buses and CNG-powered vehicles
  • Description of technologies and applications, technical characteristics of the existing fleet and infrastructure

Catalogue of Electric vehicles  2018

  • Listing of electric vehicles on offer in Poland
  • Descriptions containing car prices and their basic performance parameters

2018 E-mobility Barometer

  • Report on the public survey concerning the purchasing potential of Poles with regard to EVs
  • Summary of user preferences related to the charging infrastructure