Market News

Market News

We monitor the EV market in Poland and Europe as well as new legislation at the national and European level. We provide information, statistics and analyses crucial for business development.

Active industrial dialogue

Active industrial dialogue

We campaign for better legal solutions representing companies before public administration. We actively participate in public consultations and we offer our opinion on draft acts of law.

Promotion of EVs and education

Promotion of EVs and education

We publish reports and opinions, carry out research and social campaigns. We increase knowledge and build social awareness in the field of sustainable transport.

About us


  • The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) is the largest, fully representative industry organization, which promotes zero- and low-emission  technologies in transport.
  • We integrate Polish and foreign companies from many sectors to work together towards shaping favorable business environment necessary for market development.
  • We are a partner of the industry, central administration and local governments, higher education institutions and research centres, institutions and NGOs.
  • We co-create the initiative for the development of e-mobility in Poland at the Ministry of Energy and we are a part of The European Association for E-mobility (AVERE).

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PSPA Newsletter

Weekly information bulletin!
  • Industry News
  • The latest studies and reports
  • Current trends and opinions
  • Infographics and premium content

PSPA members

PSPA partners


Observatory of the Alternative Fuels market

  • The aim of the project is to monitor and assess the development of e-mobility market and alternative fuels market in Poland and Europe
  • The Observatory team aggregates, processes and shares key data and information from this sector with market participants
  • The main tool of the project is the website, which is fully concentrated on e-mobility technologies →


Automotive electrification. Assessment of forms of support for the development of electromobility in Poland under the Low-Carbon Transport Fund

  • The report was based on a survey carried out among PSPA members and other companies interested in the development of electromobility
  • The aim was to get to know the opinions of potential beneficiaries on the forms of support under the Low-Emission Transport Fund

Polish EV Outlook

  • Cyclic analysis of the electromobility market in Poland. The leading publication and source of data for the industry
  • The study presents the state of the national e-mobility market and variant scenarios of its development

V2G. Electric vehicles as part of power grids

  • The report systematizes knowledge about the assumptions of the Vehicle-to-Grid concept and confronts it with current solutions
  • The report shows the benefits that electric vehicles can bring as scattered energy stores


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