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The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) is the largest industry organization shaping the e-mobility and hydrogen technology market in Poland and in the CEE region

We integrate leading brands from the entire e-mobility value chain. We build a community of vehicle and infrastructure producers, operators and providers of charging services, fuel and energy concerns and all other entities and institutions that are active in the field of sustainable transport.

We associate over 120 companies, which makes us the third largest industry organization in Europe in terms of the number of associated legal entities. Together, we work to create an appropriate economic and legal environment that supports the dynamic development of zero- and low-emission technologies in transport.

We are the biggest team of e-mobility experts and practitioners in Poland. With a team of consultants and trainers with specialist sector experience and knowledge gained in the industry, we undertake training, consultancy and expert projects. We cooperate with the industry, administration and the society.

We provide knowledge and information, statistics and analyses that are crucial for business development.

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